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Become a HLHK Partner

Creating a partnership with Healthy Lifestyles, Healthy Kids, Inc., a Georgia based 501(c)3  nonprofit organization will be very beneficial for your business and your community. Here’s why:

  1. You reach a whole new audience. Your partnership can help you create more connections.
  2. It can boost company morale. Nothing brings people together like volunteering. Having your staff away from the office doing something fun for a good cause can ultimately create a stronger workplace. 
  3. You create a good image for your company. It shows that your company cares about the people and the community. Employees and customers will think highly of you and it can also set you apart from your competitors. 
  4. It creates awareness for an issue. Partnering with HLHK helps us bring awareness to our cause.
  5. It closes the gap between big businesses and people. There is often tension between “big corporations” and “average people”. By partnering with a non-profit like HLHK you are helping to bridge this gap.

It gives HLHK opportunities that we otherwise would not have. HLHK is always in need of support and funding to help with providing community events to help more people than we would be able to help on our own.

For more information, please email