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HLHK: Learn 2 Swim

Beginner: The Learn 2 Swim Beginner Program is our introductory class.  It is geared towards getting our swimmers comfortable in the water, teaching water safety, mastering basics of breathing, buoyancy and propulsion. Our Beginner Program focuses on three distinct steps to create the most optimum and ideal environment for swimmers to learn to swim whether nine (9) months or 72 years old. The beginning is the beginning! 

Intermediate: The Learn 2 Swim Intermediate Program is the second phase of the HLHK Learn 2 Swim Program. It begins as basic as doing a successful submersion for five seconds and we move to strengthen propulsion, increase unassisted swim, and strengthen basic breathing techniques all while ensuring that you understand water safety.

Advanced: The Learn 2 Swim Advanced Program class is for the swimmer that has mastered the skills of Learn 2 Swim Beginner and Learn 2 Swim Intermediate. We build the endurance to make it 25 yards unassisted in freestyle and backstroke and slowly introduce the 2 other competitive strokes of breaststroke, and butterfly. Learn 2 Swim Advanced also covers the basics of long shallow competitive dives, treading water, and survival floats.

Location: Private Lithonia Training Ctr. 4200 Coley Ct. Lithonia, GA

Annual Registration: $170

4 Sessions Per/Month $95 Monthly  
8 Sessions Per/Month $170 Monthly   
12 Sessions Per/Month $230 Monthly    

Drop In Rate: $40 Per Class *Non Member (Email to request Drop In Session)

Note: Amazing Deals When You Book Multiple Sessions!

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